Author Update: Talking Magic, Capitalism, and Accessibility with Casey, Patrick Rothfuss, K Arsenault Rivera, Martha Wells, and more!

Hey everyone! Life continues to be quite chaotic and I’ve been bad at keeping you all in the loop on some goings-on, but I wanted to quickly drop a note that I’ll be streaming on Twitch with a few of the panels this week as part of the Worldbuilders Something to Look Forward To fundraiser! Worldbuilders is an incredible organisation that has raised money year after year for charities such as Heifer International, and I am so honoured to be able to participate.

This week, we’ll be bringing you several days of panels, writer roundtables, writing advice, game streams, and more! Check out the full schedule here.

I’ll be contributing to the following events (all times in US Central time):


Tuesday Dec. 8th

@ 11am CT Creativity, Capitalism, & Connecting

Featuring: Jennifer Kretchmer, Casey Lucas-Quaid, Malka Older PH.D.


Tuesday Dec. 8th

@ 3-4pm CT Magic Systems and How To Create Them

Featuring: Patrick Rothfuss, K Arsenault Rivera, Casey Lucas-Quaid


Friday Dec. 11th 

@ 11am CT Inclusive & Accessible Worldbuilding in Different Media

Featuring: Martha Wells, Casey Lucas-Quaid, Jenn Lyons, Mike Selinker, S.B. Divya.


Being able to kick back and talk shop with such an incredible crew of writers, professionals, and people is the bees knees, and getting to do it all for charity is even better! I hope you’ll come pay us a visit!

I know times are hard for everyone right now, but if you enjoy any of this content, please consider a donation to Worldbuilders. Every donation gets you in the draw to win kickass prizes, too!